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ADP Presidential Candidate Sani Unveils  Pastor Okey As Running Mate

The Presidential candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), Engr. Yabagi Yusuf Sani has named Pastor Okey Udo,  his mate for the 2023 presidential election.

Unveiling Pastor Udo on Thursday in Abuja,  Engr. Sani, said the reality and facts pointing to the imminent political ascendency of his party in 2023 are crystal clear to everyone, “who is not afraid to engage in the exercise of correct and objective interpretation of all the empirical signs and indicators presently hanging overhead in the nation’s political horizon.”

Sani, who is also the ADP national chairman, said the choice of Pastor Okey Udo as his running mate was based on the desire to enhance prospects of the party at the polls.

“From among the many eminently qualified members of the party, Pastor Okey Udo was unanimously chosen by all in the selection panel in recognition of his outstanding qualities which include, a track record of dedicated and selfless commitment to the party over the years.

“More than any other political platform, the Action Democratic Party, has become the greatest beneficiary of the anger and disenchantment with the APC, PDP catastrophe. Nigerians have embraced the ADP because, they have seen in the party’s programmes, its activities and in the composition of the Parry’s leadership the promise of a new dawn”, he said. 

The presidential candidate, however, expressed concern of vote buying at the just concluded Ekiti state governorship election.

“The dangerous practice which was shamefully displayed at the charade called the presidential primary elections of the PDP and the APC, was also, brazenly displayed  during the just concluded governorship election in Ekiti state.

“The ADP, is calling on the relevant security agencies to brace up to the challenge of monetary inducement of voters in all future elections, especially, during the 2023 general elections. In the interim, the ADP is demanding that all persons reportedly arrested by operatives of the EFCC must be scrupulously interrogated and brought to justice along with their sponsors and masterminds”, Sani added. 

Responding, the vice presidential candidate thanked the party leadership and the presidential candidate for consideration.

He said: “From the East to the West, from the South to the North and in every nooks and crannies of the country, Nigerians are craving and clamouring for a change in the character and textures of their political leadership. Weary and heavy laden, the people are groaning and seeking for salvation from the  agonies of unprecedented poverty and insecurity that have enveloped the nation under the reigns of the PDP and the APC from the beginning of the ongoing 4th Republic, twenty two years ago to date.

“The elections of 2023 is a watershed in the political trajectory of Nigeria because, our people will be having another opportunity of democratically taking their destiny in their hands  through the ballot box. By their decision, our compatriots will be charting a new course of history as well as, making a choice between advancement and retrogression. Our great party, the Action Democratic Party, ADP must be conspicuously and powerfully available as the Credible Alternative platform.”

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