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Commonwealth Secretariat Launches Digital Trade Hackathon

The Commonwealth Secretariat’ has launched the Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon  at the Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF 2022), held on the margins of the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali, Rwanda.

The hackathon is a joint initiative between the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Connectivity Agenda (CCA) and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO).

The Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon,  with the theme “Harnessing Technology to Transform the Digital Trade Economy”,  aims to develop innovative solutions that increase the adoption of digital technology in the Commonwealth and beyond, the need for which has been accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Proposed solutions will therefore seek to explore high-potential existing and new technologies that can facilitate trade and cross-border paperless trade.

Speaking at the Youth Forum, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland said, “I am delighted that we are officially launching another important project for young people.  We are asking you to lead the future charge in building resilient, sustainable and interconnected digital economies across the Commonwealth.   We are asking you to take part in a unique HACKATHON: “Harnessing Technology to Transform the Digital Trade Economy.

“This Hackathon will scout, select and support impact-driven teams with game-changing solutions – designed to harness the shift to digitalisation across the Commonwealth and beyond.  Trade is a vital connection in our Commonwealth family, and this hackathon will directly engage you to come up with fresh, innovative ideas to harness digital technology to facilitate trade and cross border paperless trade”.

On her part,  Secretary-General of the CTO, Ms. Bernadette Lewis, said,  “There is no returning to December 2019 and while trade is recovering, there are many more opportunities for fostering digital trade. This Hackathon will challenge you to re-imaging trade – examine the existing barriers to digital trade and developing software solutions to overcome them”.

Lewis also noted that “The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation is pleased to be a partner with the Commonwealth Secretariat to convene this Hackathon. This endeavour is part of our push to support The Commonwealth’s Connectivity Agenda, to explore and develop technologies that can facilitate cross border paperless trade. This project will bring together finance and technology innovators and major technology institutions. The winner of the Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon will receive a cash prize as well as entrepreneurial support.”

The Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon is open to teams with scale-ready solutions that want to accelerate their impact. Among the solutions that the hackathon seeks to come up with are increasing accessibility to reduce barriers to trade through efficient digital infrastructure; promoting inclusive growth, including experience sharing, digital skills development and industrial upskilling; improving agricultural and fisheries connectivity; promoting business to business partnerships that support inclusive and sustainable economic recovery

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