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Nigeria Ranks 28th In Global Champagne Imports

Nigeria ranked 28th out of 192 countries in number of champagne imports in 2022.

The country has ranked 32nd in 2021, making Nigeria the second biggest champagne market in Africa behind South Africa, with 1.3 million bottles.

Data from Comité Champagne, a French trade association that monitors the volume and value of exports, puts total imported bottles by Nigeria in 2022 at  644,452 bottles.

This is up  by 15.3 percent, when compared to 559,088 total import in  2021. 

The level of champagne imports into the country has increased steadily since 2020, when Nigeria recorded  a low import of 304,199 bottles, compared to  768,131 bottles in 2014.

Globally, 326 million bottles of champagne were shipped in 2022, an increase of 1.6 percent over the previous year.

The top five biggest champagne markets are the United States of America (33.7 million), United Kingdom (28.1 million), Japan (16.6 million), Germany (12.3 million) and Italy (10.6 million).



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