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Osun Decides: PDP Claims Victory Ahead Of Result Declaration, Warns Against Manipulation 

The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has claimed victory in Saturdays governorship election in the State.

In a statement issued at Osogbo on Saturday evening, the caretaker chairman of the party in Osun state, Dr Akindele Adekunle declared that the party has secured a majority, as well as more than two third spread across the 30 local governments and area offices.

The PDP noted that the victory of the party at the poll is a product of mass mobilisation and a grand coalition of people of Osun State against bad governance and insensitive leadership.

While thanking the people of Osun State for endorsing and affirming Ademola Adeleke’s governorship bid, the party sternly warns against any attempt to tamper with the result of the election.

“We want to assert that Ademola Adeleke has won this election overwhelmingly going by results at our disposal. 

“We warn against any plot by some agents of chaos to doctor the results. We specifically call on the Electoral commission to watch fifth columnists within its fold who may have been contracted for the hatchet job. 

“Osun people have decided and their votes must be respected”, the statement noted.

The party specifically called the attention of the commission to a paid agent of the state government who is presently working round the clock to tamper with the results, vowing that any attempt to subvert the will of Osun people will be strongly resisted.

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