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Rwanda President, Kagame To Seek Re-election In 2024

Rwanda President, Paul Kagame has said he will seek re-election as president in 2024.

“I would consider running for another 20 years. I have no problem with that”, 64-year old Kigame told France 24 in an interview.

He said  elections are about people choosing, adding that of all the criticisms about him, there has been none about the elections not being free and fair even when such reports have been heard in other places.

President  Kigame came into power after the former president, Pasteur Bizimungu, resigned in 2000, exactly 22 years ago.

Kagame had emerged winner in an election where he contested against Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) secretary general, Charles Murigand, under the old Constitution.

In 2003, Rwanda adopted a new constitution where citizens voted and presidents had a seven-years tenure renewable once. But in 2015, after a constitutional referendum,  Kaigame  sought to be re-elected and has since remained the president of Rwanda.

He is the fourth elected president of Rwanda.

Kagame’s Rwanda has been in the news for as long as he has been president of the East African country, for both good and bad reasons.

Most recently, Rwanda has been in the news over a controversial migration deal with the U.K. that will see asylum seekers sent to Rwanda from the U.K. to have their request processed and begin new lives in the country.

The East African country has also been commended globally for its climate friendly approach of living, including the ban on plastic as well as its gender representation in various aspects of government.

However, Human Rights groups have described Kagame’s administration of being intolerant of dissenting voices and stifling freedom of expression.

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