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NIN Records Of Nigerians Not Missing From Database -NIMC

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has debunked reports  that  about 7.9 million National Identification Number (NIN) records of Nigerians are missing.

The Commission in a statement signed by its Head of Corporate Communications,  Kayode Adegoke reassures Nigerians that the NIMC’s database remains intact and impenetrable, and, no NIN records could have been missing.

He said “It is also clearly known that the NIN is an 11-digit unique number. We noticed with great dismay, an erroneous and malicious news report published in the Nigerian Tribune of June 7, 2022, with the deceptive and misleading headline: Did NIMC Lose NIN Records of 7.9 Million Nigerians?”

In the misleading report, “the writer insinuated that NIMC lost 7.9 million NIN records of Nigerians; the writer also gave varying inaccurate figures of the NIMC database in an attempt to confuse and misinform the general public. He also wrongly stated that the National Identification Number (NIN) was a 10-digit number.”

The Commission urged Nigerians to ignore the report, which it described as “product of the writer’s infantile imagination.”

It further urged “the Nigerian Tribune, with a history of continuous publication since it was launched in November 1949, not to let itself be used as a platform for such unprofessional reportage”.

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