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Peter Obi Disowns Picture On Muslim Prayer Mat

The  Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has described as misguided the decision of one his support groups to include his pictures on prayer mats.

DIPLOMATIC DIARY can report that a mild controversy ensued on Twitter on Thursday over the  the viral picture. 

While many,  especially  the Muslim faithful deemed  it as mocking their faith, others insisted that no insult was intended

Particularly, former presidential aide to ex- president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, described it as a sad development.

Omokri, who supports the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Atiku Abubakar, wrote: “This is why I say Christians should compulsorily study IRK (Islamic Religious Knowledge) and Muslims should do same with CRK (Christian Religious Knowledge). I have read the Quran. This is wrong. Islam does not tolerate images of humans or animals in mosques.

“Tinubu tried it in Mecca and the Saudis arrested his campaigners!. Islam does not tolerate images of humans in mosques or on prayer mats. How much more an image of a politician. This is sad.

“And you cannot even counsel these people. They feel they know more than those counselling them. You talk one, they talk one hundred. Anyway, we are watching”   Omokri claimed.

However, reacting to the development in a statement via his twitter account on Friday, Obi said he respects every religion and would never sanction the inclusion of his picture on prayer mats.

Obi blamed some overzealous supporters for the photo. He also cautioned against acts that could offend the sensibilities of others.

Obi,  who said he would never mock any faith, ethnic group, or gender, said: “The inclusion of my picture on the praying mat by a support group was misguided, even with the best of intentions. It didn’t emanate from my campaign team. I have deep respect for the Muslim faith and indeed, for every other religion.”

“We will never mock any faith, ethnicity or gender. We are one Nigeria. -PO

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